How to quickly lose 10 kilograms without harm to health

Despite the fact that body-positive is now in trend and you don't have to worry about being overweight, many girls still dream of looking no worse than Victoria's Secret models. But sometimes it is not so easy to lose weight, and if we are talking about 10 kilograms, then parting with them seems almost impossible. We learned from experts how you can lose weight quickly and without harm to your health.

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Losing weight without changing the diet is almost impossible, since you need to reduce not only fat mass, but also remove excess fluid without losing muscle tissue.

Head of the Consultative and Diagnostic Department, nutritionist, general practitioner, Mayer therapist, reflexologist:

  • To find out how much and what you have in excess (fat or liquid), the determination of body composition using the bioimpedance method will help. Talk to your doctor and rule out health problems that may interfere with losing weight.

You should not go on rigid diets, in general, any diets: this is stress for the body. A system of proper balanced nutrition should become practically a way of life! For this it is worth:

  • limit salt intake to no more than 5 g per day (do not salt food and do not eat foods containing hidden salt: cheese, processed meat, canned food, salted foods);
  • limit foods containing simple carbohydrates as much as possible - sugar, honey. Remember that one glucose molecule converts to two fat molecules;
  • a girl preparing a vegetable dish for weight loss
  • exclude alcohol. This is a very high-calorie product. For example, 1 g of alcohol gives the body 7 kcal! (for comparison: 1 g of fat - 9 kcal);
  • to limit the use of fruit juices as much as possible - both freshly squeezed and industrial production. They contain a lot of sugar and a minimum of healthy fiber. It is advisable to give preference to vegetable juices, natural fruits with a low fructose content (papaya, mango, honey melon, tangerines).
girl at the table with slimming dishes

What to include in the diet

A special place in the diet for weight loss should be given to foods with a high fiber content. Fiber is practically not absorbed by the body, reduces appetite, removes toxins and toxins from the body, prolongs the feeling of fullness, slowing down the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The daily norm for an adult is 30-40 g.

Don't forget about vegetable smoothies, which are not only low in calories, but also contain healthy fiber. For the best effect, you can replace one meal with them.

Protein foods should be the main ones in the diet, because the body expends a lot of energy and calories to process them. Foods with a high protein content - egg white, chicken breast, lean fish, cottage cheese, soy, beans, rice, nuts. At the same time, it is very important to correctly combine protein products with other foods. It is better to eat meat and fish with vegetables and herbs, and not with potatoes, you cannot drink fruit juice, which can lead to a decrease in the absorption of proteins, the processes of decay and fermentation in the intestines.


Expert-methodologist and coordinator of the direction of group programs of the federal network of fitness clubs:

With proper nutrition and constant training, you can lose 10 kg in just two months. Considering the training process, it is worth noting that, ideally, it should take place in stages: first, a week (3-4 workouts) should be devoted to strength and functional training in order to activate the muscular system, set the correct biomechanics of exercises, making them effective (squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, work with the abdominal muscles).

dumbbell girl doing weight loss exercise

After that, the period of main work with a given goal will begin. Within a month, you need to increase the frequency of training per week to 4-5 and do 2 workouts with interval, the intensity of which should be very high. This is achieved by working with your own body weight or with a slight burden. Most of the exercises are performed at a fast pace, athletic cardio exercises are added (jump-n-jack, army plank, or burpee, jumping on pedestals, etc. ).

The essence of such training consists in short time intervals of cardio, strength and functional orientation of maximum efficiency (from 30 to 60 seconds) and a short recovery between these sets (also 30-60 seconds). Workouts can last 20-40 minutes, and as a result of these workouts for another two hours, fat tissue will be effectively wasted.

But at the same time, no matter how active and regular the training process, you should not expect the result without rationalizing nutrition, because nutrition is 70 percent of success.